Auto Glass Repair Vs Windshield Replacement

Auto Glass Repair Vs Windshield Replacement

There are few things more annoying than getting into an accident and discovering that your car has a broken windshield. In all likelihood, you must carry at least comprehensive insurance to cover a broken windshield in most cases, but collision coverage almost always applies in an accident even with another car. If you own a newer car with a windshield chip or break, you will almost always need to purchase collision auto insurance to fix the problem. Here’s why.

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In many cases, a small chip in the glass of a car’s windshield can easily be fixed with a little bit of repair work. Even small chips in the glass are easy to fix if they are repaired quickly. A small repair to a windshield will not only provide you with peace of mind after your car is fixed, but it will also save you money by making repairs cost you less money than it would if you repaired your windshield immediately. When your windshield gets hit by flying debris, it can crack quite easily. The crack may be small, but it can expand significantly, requiring expensive repairs.


Even with small cracks or chips in your windshield, you should not wait to have your windshields repaired. While a small repair to a broken windshield may seem like an unnecessary expense, in many cases these repairs are required before your insurance company will issue you a policy. Waiting to have these windshield repairs done means higher premiums from your insurance carrier. And, in addition to costing you money, these repairs may not fix the actual damage to your windshields.


So, when do complete coverage and collision auto insurance become important? Whenever your car is involved in a wreck, whether it was your fault or not, you should have your windshield repaired or replaced immediately. Even if you do not suffer a direct injury in the accident, comprehensive coverage pays to fix your car, even if there are damaged parts inside. Your windshield, and the glass contained within, should be replaced immediately even if there is only small, insignificant damage to the glass.


If you get a broken windshield repaired quickly, you avoid further damage to your car and your wallet. In fact, without immediate replacement or repair, you may actually end up paying more for your car insurance. A cracked windshield that has not been repaired can expand and damage your car’s interior. It can also impede your vision while driving, which can make you more accident-prone. A damaged windshield can also cause secondary damage to your other drivers’ cars. If you’re at fault in a crash and your car is damaged, you might end up having to pay the other driver for their damaged car.


However, if you wait to have your broken windshield repaired, you risk having to pay an extremely high deductible. The higher your deductible is, the lower your monthly premium will be. You can help yourself by shopping around and comparing quotes from various auto insurance companies. The most affordable option for you may turn out to be the most costly for someone else. Before you decide on a deductible for comprehensive coverage, consider asking how much your deductible would be if you had to make a major windshield damage claim.


You may think that a small crack is nothing to worry about, but if you have a small crack that goes untreated for many years, it can worsen and eventually lead to complete auto glass replacement. Auto glass repairs are typically more expensive than the replacement of a broken windshield, because the repair requires the use of special tools to take out the damaged portion of the glass. In addition, auto glass repairs can sometimes require the removal of your window trim, which means even more pain and expense.


When you get an estimate for a new windshield replacement or comprehensive coverage, be sure to ask what the deductible is for glass damage. This deductible may be something like $500 for a minor chip, crack or scratch. It’s important to compare different quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on car insurance. Also, keep in mind that many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with multiple car insurance policies. If you own multiple policies with a certain company, ask them about special discounts for multiple car insurance policies.

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