Drive Safe With a Broken Windshield

Drive Safe With a Broken Windshield

So you’ve broken your windshield and it needs to be repaired. The worst thing is, you do not have the bucks to fix it, or you don’t know what to do. What you need to know now is how you can drive with a broken windshield without running into any major problems. A broken windshield is like a broken arm or a leg – you’ll have to go to a specialist and they will have to fix it for you. Even if you think it looks OK now, chances are it is still very damaged glass and you will need a repair. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to avoid if you are ever faced with this situation.

drive with a broken windshield


First off, if you break your windshield on the road, it is extremely dangerous. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous things that could happen while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has described windshield cracks as the second largest cause of passenger death behind only a car accident. So, when it comes time to decide whether to get a new windshield or to roll the old one back up, remember the potential hazards of doing so. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to avoid if you plan to drive with a broken windshield.


There are several reasons why a windshield might become cracked. Usually it happens when there is some impact with another vehicle or object, such as when striking a rock or other object on the highway. Regardless of the cause, cracks in a windshield should be repaired right away. Otherwise, you risk further damage and increased safety. If the crack is severe enough, you can get additional glass replacement or a new windshield altogether.


Now, you can attempt to repair the cracked windshield on your own. If you have the proper tools (a good pair of glasses), you might be able to fix it yourself. But most people would rather leave the job to the professionals. Here are some tips for safely repairing a broken windshield on your own.


When making any repairs to your windshield, one of the first things you should do is check for existing issues with the glass. In some cases, heat or cool weather exposure can cause structural integrity issues with the glass, causing cracks, breaks, or even chips. If you find any signs of issues, such as discoloration or cracking, don’t delay any action until you’ve taken care of the original issue. Heat and cold temperatures can cause significant changes in the glass’s chemical composition, which can easily result in permanent damage.


Additionally, if you see any distortion in the glass, you should take action before the problem becomes worse. Some drivers believe that small scratches or smudges on their glass can’t hurt them or have any affect on driving. While small chips may not be a big problem on the outside, in their place are possible cracks or other damage that could compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle.


Also, it’s important to realize that just because your windshield glass is broken, doesn’t mean you’re done with the job. Because windshield glass is generally made from a tough material such as toughened glass or thermoplastic, it should withstand impacts well enough to allow you to drive safely. However, even when repaired, windshields should always be maintained to ensure they remain free of damage.


Unfortunately, there are many instances where damaged windshields won’t only prevent safe driving, they can also reduce the overall value of your car. Just imagine how cheap a broken windshield would be if you decide to sell your vehicle. Even if you don’t have immediate concerns about safety, it’s always best to drive with a broken windshield for the sake of your safety. When faced with a situation where you must drive with a damaged windshield, it’s important to understand how to properly repair them. With the proper tools and the right information, you’ll be able to quickly and easily repair your windshield and get on with your life!

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