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We make it simple to replace the windshield in your car or truck. We work with your insurance company, we come to you and replace your glass.

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Why Should Let us Replace Your Auto Glass?

From day one, our mission has been to help Pahokee’ car owners get safely back on the road with our no fuss mobile windshield replacement needs. We work with your insurance company to take care if your auto glass so your vehicle is safe for you and your family.

Our Simple Process

We are a mobile auto glass company in Pahokee

We come to your home or work and in 30 minutes we replace your auto glass with the highest possible replacement auto glass. We work directly with your insurance company so you pay as little as possible to ensure your car is safe and legal to drive.
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Your vehicle plays an important role, taking you and your family safely from point A to B. If your windshield is or auto glass is damaged, it can be frustrating and prevent you from driving safely. We take care of drivers all over the United States.

So when something goes wrong, you want to know it’s in the best of hands. At Mobile Windshield Replacement Shop, we aim to make windshield and auto glass replacement as convenient and straightforward as possible for our customers.

In addition to using high-quality products, we adopt procedures for windshield and auto glass replacement that are secure. As a result, we can ensure that you won’t have to worry about any problems once we replace your windshield or auto glass.

A broken car window left alone can put you at risk for water damage or theft. The professionals at Windshield Replacement Shop know that keeping your auto glass in excellent condition is important. But the people behind the glass, our customers and their families, are even more important.

Only Work With Qualified Technicians

Not any technician is qualified to perform the important job of replacing your windshield, it requires experience, licenses, and certifications. Our technicians go through extensive training and are constantly receiving on-going education to update our techniques and provide the best service in the area. We only employ certified technicians who follow safety standards to achieve a proper installation.

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Benefits Of Our Auto Glass Replacement in South Boston

How Our Service Works

We value customer service and you will notice that from the moment that you contact us. We believe that every client is unique so we will carefully evaluate your car’s needs and provide you a personalized quote. We offer the most competitive rates in the area and also work with all insurance providers. After you receive a quote you can schedule an appointment, we understand how valuable your time is so we offer flexible schedules. Our team will arrive at the expected time and wearing their protective gear. They will evaluate your car and provide you assistance on the type of glass that we will use.

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Our service will give you peace of mind knowing that you are trusting in a dedicated team of professionals to take care of a part so important of your car like it is the windshield. Don’t expose yourself to the risks of driving a vehicle with chipped auto glass, look no further than Pahokee Windshields, and start to take care of your vehicle how it deserves.

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Top quality Auto Glass Replacement

Pahokee Windshield Replacement Shop is pleased to be recognized as an auto glass company that is well established in providing top quality windshield replacement service to clients who are located in Pahokee as well as in the suburbs of Pahokee. This means that our customers come first and that we take pride in the quality of the work that we do for all of our customers for every windshield replacement. That is why our customers trust us time and time again for all their windshield replacement needs. If you need windshield replacement service in Pahokee, then contact us here at Pahokee Windshields, as we are pleased to provide the best service for all customers who need windshield replacement.


We offer the convenience of providing you with mobile windshield replacement, which means that the customers do not have to leave their location due to the fact that we come to where the customers are. We know that this saves customers time and prevents them from experiencing hassles in many ways. The customers save time by not having to drive in heavy traffic to get to our business location when they are on a tight deadline and need to be somewhere else. This service saves time for those who have small children, so that they do not need to get their small children ready to get out the door, into the vehicle and then drive to a location to have the windshield of their vehicle replaced. This service is also ideal for the busy business person who needs to have his or her windshield replaced right away if he or she must travel on business. Also, if someone is new to the area of Pahokee, it may seem difficult to get around the city for awhile in regard to finding various businesses. But with our convenient mobile windshield replacement service, residents who are new to the region of Pahokee are relieved that they will be saved from the hassle of having to drive to a location that they are not familiar with due to the fact that we come to the customers. If you like the idea of having this convenience of mobile windshield replacement service come directly to your location to replace your windshield, contact us for your windshield replacement needs. We really do show up and get the job done well.

Prompt service

Under normal circumstances, it takes usually only twenty minutes to complete the replacement of a windshield for our customers. This is ideal for customers who do not desire to wait a long time for the windshield of their vehicle to be replaced. We respect the time of our clients and the urgency of their windshield replacement needs, which is why our commitment to prompt service is always part of the process of our business endeavors. We show up on time, complete the windshield replacement in a fair amount of time and leave our customers happy with the quality of the work that we do every time. We offer pricing that is fair and we are always professional and courteous. If you have any questions about our service, do not hesitate to contact us.

We work with your insurance company

If you are a vehicle owner who has a vehicle with a broken windshield, you should not put getting the replacement of the windshield done any longer. It really is not safe to continue driving your vehicle in such a condition. If you have been worried about the cost of the replacement of your windshield, which may be a factor why you have delayed having it replaced, you should not worry about the cost if you have insurance. The reality is that we work willingly with your insurance company. This means that there should be no cost to you for the replacement of the windshield or the cost to you should be very minimal when you have good insurance coverage. Thus, contact us today for your windshield replacement needs. Once we replace the windshield of your vehicle, you will be relieved at how clear the glass is in your new windshield and that there are no dangerous cracks in it